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 “Thanks for your great massage.  I feel better in my body now. And more flexible.”   A.van Vliet (Mantelzorger/Carer).   

I booked a massage last minute, after a migraine aura attack, and felt so much better afterwards. Sam’s massage was firm but gentle enough and I really enjoyed it.”   Treatwell client
It was wonderful! His hands are magic. Sam took the time to ask what I wanted, made sure I’m alright and is very relax himself. From the first moment you lay down on his table, you fall in a state of relaxation and it feels safe to let everything go and just relax and to weak up again when he’s finished. Yes, definitely coming back again!”  Treatwell client
A wonderfully relaxing experience for both body and mind”  Fiona (Finance Manager)


There are several types of acupuncture, and I follow the traditional or classical style based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Traditional acupuncture includes concepts such as Yin & Yang, Qi (energy), meridians and acupoints. It takes a holistic view, which means it looks at the person as a whole, taking into account your physical and mental/emotional condition and the relationships within the body.  When there is an imbalance or blockage in the smooth flow and circulation of your Qi, is when illness and pain occur. The underlying aim of acupuncture is to correct the imbalance and restore the smooth circulation of your Qi, enabling your body to return itself to health.


Depending on your specific situation and preference, treatments may be combined with electro-acupuncture, warming lamp (TDP/moxa), cupping or tuina to improve your treatment outcomes.


I am a registered Acupuncturist with Zhong (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde), which requires all members to have completed professional level training in acupuncture, as well as completing continuing education and maintaining professional standards.


Acupuncture treatments can be reimbursed by most Dutch Health Insurers. Please refer to the terms and conditions of your health insurance with your insurer as it will depend on your individual policy and level of cover.


Well-being & Harmony treatment

A treatment based on a series of acupuncture points selected to improve your overall well-being. Also a relaxing treatment.  For people wanting to maintain their overall well-being  or those just wanting to try acupuncture.  



Health related treatment
For those with specific health related symptoms.  There will be an intake as part of the initial treatment which involves questions about your condition, symptoms, medical history. Follow-up treatments will have a short discussion on your progressed followed by the treatment.



Well-being & Harmony treatment…..€55

Health related treatment – Standard sessions…..€60 (typically up to 60 mins)

Health related treatment – Extended sessions…..€80  (extended sessions which included additional components such as massage or cupping and typically take longer, about 90 mins)  

Relaxation Massage

Based on the Swedish style and combined with Shiatsu, Tuina and Acupressure techniques to create an overall relaxing massage.


A number of techniques are incorporated into the relaxation massage such as kneading, long flowing strokes, friction to create warmth and help loosen muscles, and sustained pressure on areas of tension or knots (often around the neck and shoulders) to help soothe and release.


The massage experience goes beyond the practical techniques. The pace of the massage is also considered, with rhythmic movements and an unrushed manner intended to help maintain the calming and relaxing experience. The room is also heated specifically to keep you warm throughout the massage.


​The massage is performed on a massage table with oil and draping is used to maintain your personal privacy.



That’s the Spot –  30 minutes 

Ideal for those with limited time or typically wanting to focus on a particular area such as the back, the neck & shoulders or the legs.


 Relaxation – 60 minutes

Looking for  general relaxation, this treatment will help you relax and unwind from everyday stress and tension.  During the massage most areas of the body will be treated, helping  you regain your balance and get back in touch with your body.


Deep Relaxation 90 minutes

A longer session allowing you to more fully unwind and deeper relaxation.   More time can be taken with each of the areas of the body meaning you can enjoy the benefits of a more detailed treatment.

Alternatively, the extra time can be spent on a particular area to help address specific areas of tension.

* Longer sessions can be arranged on request.


30 mins……..€45

​60 mins……..€60

90 mins……..€80


The body philosophy is based on the following principles

The complete person


Every body is different. And every body reacts to things differently and adjusts in individual ways. The right balance is specific for each person.



Massage has therapeutic benefits


There are physiological responses to massage: stimulating the body’s para-sympathetic nervous system and increasing the release of oxytocin (the feel good hormone) as well as the lowering of stress hormones. The connection through massage can also have a reassuring psychological effect.


People can also hold stress and emotions as tension in their body. In eastern theory “Form follows Qi”, this means if the movement of your Qi (body’s energy) is blocked or circulates poorly, say because of poor posture or long hours hunched over a computer, this can create pain and tension. Over longer periods of time this can affect how you hold your body day-to-day. ​Massage can help improve the circulation of Qi in the body and help to release tension.


Acupuncture has therapeutic benefits

The entire body is connected and the meridian system in acupuncture facilitates the flow of Qi as well as connecting the external body with the internal organ systems.     Acupuncture – including all components of treatment (needling, cupping and warming/moxa) have the ability to effect the body in both physiological and through our body’s energy (Qi) helping to relieve pain and improve our health.


Shu, Shoku, Do, So.


From Shiatsu’s 4 elements for good health


  • Good Breathing (Shu)
  • Good Food (Shoku)
  • Good Movement (Do)
  • Good Thoughts (So)


It’s not easy or always possible to juggle everything and achieve that perfect balance, but keeping these 4 elements in mind can help keep you on the right track.




To your body.​

A passion for people

About Sam


​Originally from Australia and moved to Amsterdam a few years ago. I love massage, and studied Swedish style in Australia. I enjoy the connection with other people that can be developed with massage as well as the ability to help people relax and release some of their tension – all through the power of touch.


People often don’t get to feel that connection in their day-to-day lives, so massage is a great way for people to get back in touch with their body, particularly if they are stressed or busy in their head.


From personal practice I developed a more intuitive style of massage, feeling for knots where people might be holding their tension.


​It was this passion for massage and helping others that led me to further my skills with Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.


The relaxation massage combines Swedish and Shiatsu techniques with an intuitive approach.


I am a native English speaker and I do speak some Dutch.


Sam Ho




  • Acupuncture, Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam.
  • Tuina, Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam.
  • Foundations of Chinese Medicine – Diploma, Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam.
  • Western Medicine – HBO (Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology), Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam.
  • Shiatsu -Foundation Year, Iokai Shiatsu, Amsterdam.
  • Swedish Massage, NSW School of Massage, Sydney.
  • Thai Yoga Massage – Introduction Course, Thaise Yoga Massage, Amsterdam.
  • Wat Po – Level 1, Thai Hand Massage School, Amsterdam.



Praktijk AGB code:  90062756

S.Ho AGB code: 90103388

Zhong registration number:  2016064

KvK: 66250528

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