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There simply is no substitute for the therapeutic effects of physical touch. The restrictions of lock down have had a real impact on all of us; physically & mentally.



Some people continue to face physical isolation throughout lock down, and the added uncertainty has further increased everyone’s stress levels.



Massage has genuine and proven positive effects on both our physical health and mental well-being.



Massage is a resource which can aid in managing your stress, offer reassuring and much needed contact in a safe, professional context and comforting manner as well as help ease physical complaints (stiff neck & shoulders, lower back pain from sitting too much – long hours working from home and spending more time on the couch than you typically would, or even addressing pre-covid aches, pains or chronic conditions)



Covid-19 means there are extra steps and considerations that must be taken into account, as your safety and the safety of the greater community is paramount.  With this in mind, massage is just as relevant and useful in managing your health & well-being as always!



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Stay safe, healthy & relaxed,


The Massage

Based on the Swedish style and combined with Shiatsu, Tuina and Acupressure to create an overall relaxing massage.

The massage experience goes beyond the practical techniques. The pace of the massage is also considered, with rhythmic movements and an unrushed manner intended to help maintain the calming and relaxing experience.


Simply Relax and Let Go

Needing to slow down and relax, this treatment will help you unwind from everyday stress and tension.  During the massage most areas will be treated, helping you regain your balance and get back in touch with your body.   Sink into the table, take a deep breath and allow yourself to let go and enjoy the overall sense of relaxation and lightness.


Back, Neck and Shoulders

Many people hold tension in their neck, shoulders and upper back. Using acupressure points around the shoulder blades,  along the spine, upper back and neck, this massage typically includes deeper pressure and some breathwork.


Back, including Lower Back

There are a range of reasons why people may have tension in their lower back.  This massage covers the whole back while spending extra time on the lower back and around the sacrum.  Frequently acupressure points in the glutes are tender for people with lower back pain, so these areas are addressed with some breathwork too.   For longer sessions the legs will also be included and the use of a warming lamp for the lower back.


Make It Your Own

A more personalised treatment ideal for those wanting to focus on a particular area other than the back. Whether it be the legs, arms or wanting to include some abdominal massage, we can tailor every massage to your particular needs each time.    



60 mins…….

90 mins…….

* Longer sessions can be arranged on request.

The body philosophy is based on the following principles

The Complete Person


Every body is different. And every body reacts to things differently and adjusts in individual ways. The right balance is specific for each person.



Massage Has Therapeutic Benefits


Massage has physiological effects which can be both physically and mentally beneficial.  Massage can be used for relaxation, managing stress, several types of pain including neck & shoulder pain, lower back pain, general muscle related tension from sports as well as helping symptoms such as headaches etc.  In addition to physical conditions, massage also has positive psychological effects and helps reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.  The connection through massage can also have a reassuring psychological effect.


Massage stimulates the body’s para-sympathetic nervous system and the physiological responses are two-fold:  Massage has been clinically proven to decrease levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.  Whilst increasing the levels of mood enhancing and ‘feel good’ hormones; dopamine, serotonin & oxytocin.


In Eastern theory, “Form follows Qi”.  This means if the movement of your Qi (body’s energy) is blocked or circulates poorly, say because of poor posture, long hours hunched over a computer or even from excessive emotions or stress, this can create pain & tension. Over longer periods of time it can even affect how you hold your body day-to-day. ​Massage improves the circulation of Qi in the body and helps in reducing tension.



Acupuncture & Acupressure Have Therapeutic Benefits


The entire body is connected and the meridian system in acupuncture facilitates the flow of Qi as well as connecting the external body with the internal organs.    Acupuncture & Acupressure – including different components of traditional Chinese treatments (acupoints, cupping and warming/moxa) have the ability to have a positive  effect on the body both physiologically and through our body’s energy (Qi), helping to relieve pain and improve our health.


Massaging along the meridians and using acupoints is incorporated into each massage.




East & West: A Half-Hippy Attitude


There is room for both an Eastern and Western approach to health, they don’t need to be mutually exclusive – it doesn’t need to be one over the other.   In fact, they can often be used jointly & complimentarily.  Some things can be best understood from an Eastern or traditional medicine perspective, while others from a Western medicine perspective.  Neither system has all the answers and it can be useful to relate things from a western to an eastern perspective, and visa-versa.  I consider a “half-hippy” attitude useful,  being open to ideas, theories, different approaches to symptoms and treatments, but not blindly accepting  or rejecting without question.  Finding a reasonable balance and what makes sense.



Shu, Shoku, Do, So.


From Shiatsu’s 4 elements for good health


  • Good Breathing (Shu)
  • Good Food (Shoku)
  • Good Movement (Do)
  • Good Thoughts (So)


It’s not easy or always possible to juggle everything and achieve that perfect balance, but keeping these 4 elements in mind can help keep you on the right track.





To your body & be kind to yourself.

A passion for people

About Sam


​Originally from Australia and recently moved to London after living in Amsterdam for several years.  I love massage, and studied Swedish style in Australia. I enjoy the connection with other people that can be developed with massage as well as the ability to help people relax and release some of their tension – all through the power of touch.


People often don’t get to feel that connection in their day-to-day lives, so it is a great way for people to get back in touch with their body, particularly if they are stressed or busy in their head.


From personal practice I developed a more intuitive style of massage, feeling for knots where people might be holding their tension.  ​It was this passion for massage and helping others that led me to further my skills with Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Tuina and Western Medicine.


Take care,





  • Acupuncture, Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam.
  • Tuina, Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam.
  • Foundations of Chinese Medicine – Diploma, Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam.
  • Western Medicine – HBO (Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology), Shenzhou Open University, Amsterdam.
  • Shiatsu -Foundation Year, Iokai Shiatsu, Amsterdam.
  • Swedish Massage, NSW School of Massage, Sydney.
  • Thai Yoga Massage – Introduction Course, Thaise Yoga Massage, Amsterdam.
  • Wat Po – Level 1, Thai Hand Massage School, Amsterdam.




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